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Payment of guaranteed amounts

On occurrence of a payout event, the FGD shall transfer the covered amounts once it has determined the respective positions of the depositors and the amounts owed.

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We answer the most frequently asked questions from our users

Frequently asked questions

We answer the most frequently asked questions from our users

Frequently asked questions

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The securities guarantee compartment of the FGD must settle an investor's claim as soon as possible and no later than three months after determining the investor’s position and calculating its value.

If the FGD does not believe that it will be able to make the necessary payments within this legally established period, it may ask Banco de España for an extension of no more than three months, though it must provide valid reasons. Banco de España may authorise the extension upon confirming that there are exceptional grounds for the deferral, such as where a large number of investors must be paid, where the institution holds securities in other countries, or where there is evidence of extraordinary legal or technical impediments rendering it difficult to confirm the actual balance of the guaranteed securities or whether or not the guaranteed amount should be settled.

Guaranteed amounts in respect of securities or instruments held on deposit will not be paid out where the deposit was made after the date on which the events triggering payment of the guarantee occurred, or for investments that have been withdrawn after that date.


Guaranteed deposits of securities


Non-guaranteed deposits of securities


Grounds for enforcing the guarantee and eligible beneficiaries

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