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Accordingly, the FGD accepts no liability for any damage or loss caused by decisions taken on the basis of the information contained on this website; nor for any possible inaccuracies, omissions or errors contained therein; nor for any problems arising from the use of this website or any other external connection; nor for any damage and/or loss to the user's software or hardware caused by access to this website; and nor from the downloading of any programs or files disseminated therein. Moreover, it offers no assurance that the information made available on this website will accurately reflect the hard copy documents it attempts to reproduce, and accepts no liability in this regard, and nor will it be held liable for links and references to other websites or information disseminated by third parties in which the FGD is cited as the source.

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  • Users of the FGD website may make free private use of the information obtained directly from it, including authority to make local memory copies (RAM) or copies on other temporary storage devices. Use of the information for purposes other than private use or consultation is authorised only to the extent that the following requirements are met:
    • The information contained on the FGD website must be distributed or reproduced accurately and faithfully, without manipulating or altering its content and the FGD must always be cited as the source.
    • When the information is included in documents or other media that are to be sold or transferred in exchange for valuable consideration, the natural or legal person that publishes or disseminates such information by any means shall inform the purchasers and/or assignees that the information may be obtained free of charge from the website of the FGD, both before they pay any subscription fee or price and each and every time the information taken from the FGD website is made available to them.
    • The information obtained from the FGD website may be used to make calculations to be disseminated or published by the user (such as changes in rates and other variables), provided that the user unequivocally indicates, when disseminating such calculations, that the FGD was used as the source.
    • When there are links from any website to the FGD website or to any of its internal pages, the corresponding pages must open in a new window and must be the only element shown on the screen (for example, they should not open within the frame of another website).
  • Users agree to use this website and its services in strict accordance with these terms of use and the FGD reserves the right to pursue legal action in response to any breach of these terms.

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