Frequently asked questions

In this section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the FGD. It also includes explanatory videos to help you understand what the FGD is, how it works and how the rules and regulations apply in different situations.

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How much money does the FGD guarantee?

What types of cash deposits does the FGD cover?

What is the coverage of shares, mutual funds and other financial securities?

Are deposits in Spanish branches of EU credit institutions guaranteed?

What happens if I have more than €100,000?

Are deposits held in EU banks located in Spain also protected?

Does FGD coverage extend to pension plans?

What do I need to do to claim repayment of my cash deposits?

How long does the FGD take to pay?

What should I do if my personal data have changed?

What happens if an account has multiple account holders?

What happens if the accounts are held by homeowners' associations and other joint ownership arrangements?

How do I know if my institution is a credit institution or operates under the trademark of a different institution?

What happens in the case of a merger between two institutions?

Does the FGD have enough money in the case of a failure of a credit institution?

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